Website Login Redirection on Chrome Browser v23

Discussion created by greenit on Nov 12, 2012
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Hello all,

     I have found a rather annoying login issue with both the Marriott website and most recently with


Here is how you repeat the issue.

1) Use Chrome browser (it will automatically update you to the newest version) v23

2) Login to saving your credentials

3) Wait an hour or so until your session times out.  (you can check this by opening the Marriott website again.. it will prompt you for your password)



1) If you are using a direct link to a sub (non main page) on the Marriott website, it will prompt you for a password.  Upon successful login you are redirected to the home main page.  NOT the page you were linking to.

2) If you are on the Rewards Insider page.  And click to login.  You are redirected to this page:

This page remains white and does not change.


You can resolve this issue by logging into logging in and then back to Marriott rewards insider >> back button >> forward button.



This is highly annoying.


A resolution could be achieved for the website by capturing the click through link on the account sign in page.  Then upon successful log on... redirecting to the click through instead of the home page.

Rewards insider resolution will be the same as the one above.