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Why cannot Marriott Delray Beach be more informative

Question asked by sacerdos15 on Nov 11, 2012
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I have been going to Florida every winter or early spring for about 25 years staying mostly at marriott.For the last two years I have stayed at the Delray Beach Marriott and have reserved another 13 days this coming april.I heard by way of tripadvisor that there is construction going on.On tripadvisor some have complained about this others have not.I posted an inquiry on the Delray Beach forum and did not receive much information.I called the hotel but the pleasant person who answered was not much more helpful except for saying she could not specify when it would be completed.I can find no e-mail address for the hotel and I do not want to take the expense nor trouble the desk for answers to my questions. I found online when I googled "construction on Delray Marriott" a picture of the construction which concerned me.There is absolutely no mention of it on the website even though it might concern a few prospective guests who are concerned about noise,dust,and general inconvenience.On the other hand it might help if the guest could see what was going on and possibly book one of the new rooms.But they act as if they are hiding something especially since there is no e-mail to ask questions.As of now I might cancel my reservations if I cannot determine the status of the new work.We should have some transparency.