Do G, P and PP matter anymore?

Discussion created by profchiara on Nov 10, 2012
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Hi all,

Based on the discussions of the past few years about diminishing recognition and privileges (breakfast, concierge lounge), I wonder whether any of you feel like me that the only reason to be part of Marriott's loyalty program is because of the 10X dollar spent (for any level, if I am not mistaken) and what I get through my MR Premier Card.


This occurred to me because I had to change my Thanksgiving destination from Greece to Bologna, Italy because of the ongoing and constant strikes in Greece that make likelihood of flights landing, archaeological sites being open, or getting home unlikely.  So I first looked at the AC Marriott in Bologna.  But the tripadvisor reviews were not great, and it is not central.  I ended up with a deluxe room with breakfast, free wifi and all kinds of other goods booked through the hotel website of the Starwood Excelsior Bologna in the historic part of the city -- and right next to the airport shuttle stop.


Since we've been asking for breakfast and CL privileges throughout the week for well over a year now, how many of you think as I do that it may not be worth it anymore to go for the Gold, Platinum or PP levels? And why haven't we gotten a definitive answer? Or did I miss it?


BTW, by contrast, when I changed my Delta flight from Greece to Bologna, the Delta agents were extraordinarily competent and helpful, even changing all the parts of the ticket that involved KLM and making sure I got my upgrades and no less than economy comfort. My flight loyalty program will be of highest priority in the future, as will be my use of my Amex Delta Reserve card.


Any others have feelings on the subject?