Surprise Surprise - MVCI Points Program Fee's

Discussion created by playah on Nov 12, 2012
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After getting the hard sell to covert my week over to the new points program earlier this year I did.

They kept highlighting how great this would be for me. "Only $595 to enroll WOW great deal! You can buy more points at a big discount! Your Interval membership is now included. Blah Blah Blah..."


Having not even used the new system yet I am founding out the hard way just what is going on here.


I get my yearly dreaded maintenance bill with a new line item which explains the real story here:


Club Dues

Property                              Total Amount      Amount to Pay                     

Exchange Program Dues      $175.00


It is very discouraging  to see Marriott constantly sticking owners who have supported them for many years. Lesson learned here.... Don't bother hassling me when I check-in or calling my room asking me to come for a free bottle of wine and a stupid sales pitch.