Free Night Certificate Cat 1-4 (for Marriott Visa Promo)

Discussion created by pokee on Nov 8, 2012
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Hi - just a quick question about the free night cert.


I was just approved for my Chase Marriott Visa today (in Canada) I just noticed that they expire 6 months from issue.  I planned to use mine on June 28th, 2013 - which means, if it's issued prior to Dec. 28th, 2012, it will expire before my intended date of use. If I'd known that before applying, I would have delayed my application! I realize that the cert. could take up to 6 weeks to be issued from the date of approval, so I could be in luck, but doubtful, since it sounds like they issue that cert. immediately upon approval (not upon 'activation') - do i understand correctly?


What are the chances of Marriott extending that cert. till the end of June/13?  I am not Plat. and I am a brand new member, so I wouldn't hold any clout if I called to request an extension/re-issue of the cert.  Is there something I can do now to have the cert. delivery date delayed?


Also, what will my anniversary date be?  One year from the date that I activate the card, or the date that the card was approved?  This is important, too, because I do most of my travel in June/July, and if my anniversary date is in Nov., all my annual certs will expire before I can use them (6 months from Nov = May).


Thanks for your help!