Dirty Hotel rooms

Discussion created by jamesdean on Nov 8, 2012

CBC Marketplace has just released a documentary investigation into the cleanliness of hotel rooms, while they may look good when you walk in are they in fact clean or healthy. Some damning results from several hotel chains ( Marriott not listed in the survey). Makes one wonder...but maybe a heads up as well on how to keep oneself from contamination. I stay in a hotel room at least 75 nights a year at varoius hotel chains including Marriott, it certainly is an "eye opener" for me. The filthiest items in the room are the TV remote, the telephone, and I always hand wash any glass I use to drink out of. Coffee machines as well are a cesspool of bacteria, but I never figured bedding items....yikes!!! Hopefully hotel managment will get wind of this and make some drastic changes.


Hotel room tests uncover high levels of contamination - Canada - CBC News