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Is the TVL rate eligible for nights and points credit ?

Question asked by markzz2 on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by scottdinap

I have been a Marriott Rewards member for 18 years. I am currently Platinum and heading (hopefully) for Platinum Lifetime Membership.


I am employed by an airline but often travel independently during my time off (paying myself and booking myself) for leisure purposes. I sometimes use the TVL (Travel Industry) rates that are bookable using the TVL code on the Marriott Website. I usually am asked for my company ID to verify I am entitled to use the rate. The rate often is more expensive than some publicly available rates so I obviously use the best value rate at the time of booking (which indicates the rate is not  always that discounted), and often friends on corporate discounts (such as IBM and other big companies) have cheaper rates than I for the same dates).


I have always in the past received points and nights credit on all the rates I have paid including TVL rates but recently a hotel refused me the benefits saying the rate did not entitle me to any points or nights. I questioned this and was made to feel rather like a naughty schoolboy for having the cheek to ask.


I wanted to confirm that I was correct and then approached Marriott Guest Services, who could not help and passed me to Reservations, and eventually I was transferred to somebosy in San Antonio who was very helpful and looked up the rules and said as far as she could see the only rates not eligible are 3rd party rates (i.e. Expedia etc) and FAMtastic and Friends and Family rates, and some bulk or privately negotiated rates. TVL rates were not mentioned so must be OK.


Can someone confirm this so if I have a problem with it again I can argue with confidence (in particular at the hotel I just left as I am a regular there). It does seem strange that nobody seems to know for sure.


Can I suggest that if any rates are not eligible it should be included in the drop down rate rules box on the booking tool.


Hope you can help