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What is the exact date status changes if I don't qualify for gold next year?

Question asked by dreamtrip on Nov 6, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by kharada46

My Gold card states it is good through 2/2013, which I think it would be good until 2/28/2013, however when I called the gold elite line, they told me they thought the status change would take place on 2/1/2013. The person I spoke to answered the question like they were not sure so I thought I would post the question here. The status is   this is important to me because I am going to Hawaii in February and I think it would be easier to get upgraded if I am still gold.  I only need 7 more nights to retain my gold status but financially this may be hard to do before the end of the year but based on the answer to my question, I may have to try and stay 7 more nights. .