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Any plan to up the airline miles available for purchase in Travel Package to more than 120,000?

Question asked by howieg on Nov 3, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by gemprincess

I've bought Marriott travel packages off and on for several years now and as time has gone on, the air miles required by my preferred airline for frequent flyer tickets for travel outside the continental US have gone to a point where 120000 airline miles is not sufficient for my needs.  Is there any consideration being made to up the miles that can be purchased to something more than 120,000 miles, to say, 160,000?  This year,  it took 160,000 miles to buy one roundtrip ticket to Australia where I have a Marriott travel package in Sydney for the end of this year and the most miles I could buy was 120,000.  I had enough miles in my frequent flyer account that with the 120000 I bought with the travel package it gave me enough miles to buy the two tickets my wife and I needed, but, still, the 120,000 miles wasn't enough for even one ticket in economy class.  It would be nice if the program would up the miles that can be purchased to at least 160,000 miles to help for travel to further points away on the globe, like Australia and other destinations.  And as time goes on, the airlines seem in general to be requiring more miles to fly to locations than required in prior years.  It would be nice if the Marriott program might help somewhat by making it possible to buy more airline miles to guard against the mileage "creep", or devaluation, as comes as the airlines require more miles than in past years.