Zurich "Dining"!

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There is a wide range of choices of where to dine in The great city of Zurich.  I should warn you that be prepared for every place to be about FOUR times more expensive than here in the USA,  Even Burger KIng!  A $1 basic hamburger will cost you $4, (At the main train station)  I guess we can start there with my friend Ralph, who said I was the first person to ever ask him for his picture at Burger King!  Hey, it really "Hit the spot" one day for lunch!


Burger King!  At the main train station!


This Place, Essen, is out the back door of the Marriott and about 1/block on your right, This is also where you catch the "Tram", an inexpensive way to see and get around Zurich.  Very modest in price, but great quality, casual dress, and they do take reservations!  I don't think many people make reservations here, but they speak great English, and when I showed up they had a great table, and seemed to enjoy the fact that reservations had been made.  An enjoyable "Sidewalk Cafe" as well!


Will have more soon!  Please feel free to share a place you would/would not recommend!