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Two Night Minimums, etc

Question asked by henson12 on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by californian

Hey folks,


What are your opinions on the way Marriott brand hotels use/abuse the right to require a two night minimum?  A hotel I'd like to stay at has done the following 6 times so far this year, and has 2 more weekends blocked.  This will be 8 weekends out of the year (that I know of, possibly more).


1) Required a two night minimum

2) Increase rates significantly

3) Not allowed Platinum Overrides

4) Not allowed points to be used


It doesn't seem very customer-friendly to do this on 8+/52 weekends per year.  That's over 15% of the time.  I know it's good for business, but I typically end up staying at the Clarion down the road since I can just grab one night.  I'd rather stay at the Fairfield Inn. 


PS > This isn't some lavish resort city, it's Manhattan, KS.  The hotel locks everything down for every home football game, graduation (university events), etc.