My, oh my. Ain't travel grand?

Discussion created by jkernitzki on Oct 31, 2012
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United lost (yes, LOST) half the flight crew—Dispatch and the NOC had no idea who was supposed to crew it—and cancelled my flight ORD-PIT. Or severely delayed it. Maybe it never really existed in this universe.  They're really not sure, as the website shows at least a dozen delays and pullbacks of my flight, but the 1K line tells me unequivocally that it's cancelled. I've already changed this week's itinerary twice, now this.

Consequently, I'm stuck in Chicago tonight. Given the way the last several weeks have gone I'm either earning a great deal of karma, or paying for something I did in a past life.  So, for All Hallow's Eve, I'm more Tom Hanks than George Clooney.

Oh, and I'm in a Hilton tonight...

Scotch. It's what's for dinner.