Experiences -- but for who?

Discussion created by profchiara on Oct 28, 2012
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I checked the Marriott "Experiences" section of the Activity site and saw lots of things tailored to families and children.  That's fine, since probably most Marriott customers fit one or both categories.  But why is there not a section that highlights either singles (but I don't mean that in the sense of hooking up, but rather people traveling alone) or specials for one only?  The only place I've ever seen or done this was at the Rome Central Park Marriott, which offered room and board for a specific (and very  reasonable) fee).  Since many of us are business travelers, why are offers not geared -- at least sometimes -- towards those who spend significant numbers of days/weeks ata given hotel.  I refer specifically to the idea the Rome Central Park does.  Even though it's a Courtyard, it gives Platinum members breakfasts free. But the dinner offerings are great, and include wine.


Since I often pay more for my room as a single, I think Marriott should consider offering more options like this.