How can I find and follow member blogs I find interesting?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Oct 24, 2012

With over 1,000 member blogs, you’re bound to find a blog post that interests you or even an Insider’s blog you’d like to follow for updates on future blog posts.


Find member blogs

  • The Insiders Home page includes a list of the most recent blog posts


  • You can browse a list of all blog posts from Insiders by going to Browse - Content | Marriott Rewards® Insiders blogsearch.png
    • From here, you click on the green blog icon to filter for just blog posts
    • You can also sort this list of blog posts by latest activity, creation date, title, etc, or enter keywords to find content related to your interests
    • When you find an interesting blog post, click on the title to read that specific blog post




Follow member blogs

  1. After completing the steps above, you can view other blog posts from the same Insider by clicking on the name of their blog which will take you to the post. In the upper left you will see the name of the blog.
  2. Click to go to the stream and see a the 10 most recent blog posts.
  3. From there (or whenever you find a member’s blog that’s interesting) click the Follow button in the right column to see future blog posts from this member on your Activity page.