Customer appreciation week and a few nice perks!

Discussion created by rhoke813 on Oct 23, 2012

Hello everyone! I thought I would pass on a great tip that I was just able to capitalize on when calling Marriott Rewards just now. I was lucky enough to get a GREAT representative named Robert M in Salt Lake City who was extraordinarily helpful! I had some complications booking my anniversary rewards free night so he helped me through that. Then I was hoping that he could help me with my platinum status. I am currently sitting at 74 elite nights. I have the Marriott Rewards visa and have reached the $3000 spend threshold for that final night that I needed for status. Unfortunately there is a significant lag time from when the points from the Visa spend are posted in the rewards account to the time that the elite night is actually posted. I have a 3 night stay coming up in San Fran in 2 weeks and knew that I wouldn't have that last night posted in time for platinum status and this the bonus points and gift that would go with that stay. I was hoping that I could find someone that would accelerate my status so I could get the extra points and gift. Robert said that this week is actually Marriott Rewards "customer appreciation" week and they are going above and beyond to their Rewards customers. He automatically upgraded me to Platinum status!! Hurray!! I wanted to pass this along to any of you who may be close to Gold or Platinum. Give the Rewards desk a call this week. You may be pleasantly surprised!