Iowa "Pork Tenderloin Tour"!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Oct 22, 2012
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There are 31 Marriott properties in the state of Iowa representing seven different brands.


Today I was reading a food magazine that listed seven great places in Iowa that serve some of the worlds best pork tenderloin.  I have not been to any of these places but would welcome any comments, especially from NUHusker.


Pork tenderloins and Marriott's are a favorite, and I hope I can try a few of these with NU in the future!


B&B Grocery in Des Moines, It looks great!


The Chatterbox Cafe, Audubon, Iowa


Darrell's Place, Hamlin, Iowa


The Farmer's Kitchen,  Atlantic, Iowa


Mr. Bibbs Tenderloins, Des Moines


Smitty's, Des Moines, Iowa


Red Barn, Exira, Iowa.


I know many don't get to Iowa very often, but "Invent a better mousetrap, and they will find you!"  These places have to be good and if you are nearby, it would be worth a try!