Driving Mt. Washington

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I thought my fears about Mt Washington were irrational at first till I started discussing it at the office, and all my colleagues assured me it was good to be fearful of Mt. Washington. Apparently many people drive right over the side, and its not really well known.  They seemed to think it happened on a regular basis (can't remember if it was weekly or monthly)


Because the road was built prior to the switchback designs for mountain roads, the road just circles around the edges and the ascent and descent is rather quick.  There are turnout places to stop and cool the breaks and tires, and we used every single one of them.  Apparently the most common mistake people make is to think they don't need to stop cause everything seems fine, and burn out their breaks and/or tires so that they fail, and they drive right off the edge.


Also it is quite cold at the summit.  We went up in July, and it was 70-80 degrees at the base, but at the summit it was 30 degrees and dropping. So when the participation started (yes it snowed in July on the summit of Mt. Washington) they closed the mountain and we had to drive down, part way in the snow. (this is what made me decide against haleakena,denali, etc.)


I will never drive on that mountain again. I am not even sure I like the idea of the vans.  Better to wait in line for the cog railway.


There is even a weather station at the summit, and you can make reservations to stay at the their as well.  I think they might even offer some weather classes as well.


The other popular NH thing to do was to walk/climb Mt. Washington.  Appartently you can hike a considerable distance without climbing.  And they have huts you can reserve to overnight in, for all you outdoor enthusiast.  As a GemPrincess I prefer 5 star hotels with lots of service. Sleeping in a hut with rough woolen blankets has no attraction for me, not to mention having to hike uphill to get there.