World Tour 2013!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Oct 18, 2012
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Everyone is welcome to make suggestions, but here's is what we have so far!  All locations are pending and TBD based upon prices and MI desires.


April 22          Houston, Texas,      JW Marriott


April 25          New Orleans, LA      Marriott Canal Street


May 2            Chicago, IL              Renaissance Downtown, (By the way NU has found another good place to stay at 1/4th the cost of the Renaissance, ( don't remember which Marriott)


May 21          London, England      County Hall Marriott, this is a Wed. and I we can be flexible on this date.


We have more places that have been discussed but these are a GO!


Will be putting out some suggestions on the rest of 2013, and will start a post on 2014.


Thanks to all!