NUHusker, and JerryCoin enjoy Burlington, Iowa!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Oct 17, 2012
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Wow, what an insightful evening!


NU has so much to share with MI and he is such a wonderful person to share travel conversation with.  A true Veteran and interesting person of real interest.  Thank goodness we have him to contribute to the MI site.


We will have wonderful future visits and wanted to share our thanks to the many MI that are interesting and special to the Marriott Insider site.


It is so special to think about all of you and it will be a great occasion to get together with other MI!


The potential to one day get with many of you was discussed and hoped for by us.


Gina from the FF in Burlington, Iowa welcomes jerrycoin and you guessed it, (Look at the jacket), NUHusker, the Marriott Insiders for the month of August and September!



A wonderful dinner next to The Mississippi River!  We had a toast to Chrisf, and to FF for the 25th Birthday!  Wish Chrisf was here as well as all of the MI!

Dennis the owner, treats us so special, and others come to the table to exchange travel stories.  This is how high flood waters got in his place!

We had a wonderful time!i