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MI - Alaska tour/cruise

Question asked by chrisf on Oct 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by carat

From Jerry's MI World Tour posting for 2013, it seems that there may be the potential for a 2014 cruise to Alaska.  There have already been a number of comments on this topic and, as we shall be planning through into 2013/2014, it would probably be best to start a separate discussion.  I know that some of you are much better than me at linking across postings so, if someone could link the other comments to this posting, that would be extremely helpful.


Having read through the feedback sofa, I have the following questions ...

1.  Should we use a small ship or one of the big cruise lines, e.g. Princess?

2.  What time of year would be best? ... August seems to be the recommendation.

3.  Where should the departure point be on the continental USA? ... Seattle seems popular?

4.  If so, which hotel in Seattle?

5.  Is it best to do a round-trip or fly back from Alaska? ... if so, which would be the departure airport - Anchorage?

6.  What are the key sights to see? ... Jerry has already provided some great pics

7.  How do we get group discounts?


Please add any other Qs as appropriate.  It was only an outline thought before I started getting feedback from you guys, so these may be basic Qs.