Rennansance Imperial Riding School, Vienna Austria

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I would like to extend my thanks and compliments to Hannes M. Hannes made or stay at the hotel and our visit to Vienna much better than it may have been without his assistance. He helped gain Internet connection the first night we arrived and assisted us with selecting sites to visit along with how to use the local transportation for the remainder of the week. He have some interesting recommendations for restaurants. His greasiest help was at the end of the week when part of our plans unraveled. He helped us extend our stay and find accommodations at our next city. Then he helped arrange transportation from Vienna to Prague. He saved us several hours of travel and over $100 in savings.


This hotel is not ideally located but once you learn how to use the tram it is all right. The lounge is outstanding. They have a  good breakfast and nice offerings in the afternoon.  The thing that really stands out is that the lounge is comfortable, pleasant and open all day.


This was a nice visit, we enjoyed the property a great deal and Hannas was special, truly deserving recognition for his Spirit To Serve.