The stay that never ended.

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I was asked to assist on a project in Northern California in the Bay Area.  This project would only last a few months.  I have been a Marriott fan and guest for years, so the first thing that I did was find a local Fairfield Inn to stay at for a few months.  The Fairfield Inn in American Canyon would be great.  A small quiet community just a few miles from work.  The morning drive would give me time to make a few plans for the day and the drive back in the evenings would give me time to make a few calls back to the home office.


I was welcomed by the staff as part of the family.  In a short time the project moved from a few months to the project that would never end.  More new work was assigned and conditions changed.  The project went past the four months with no clear ending.  The more I was at the Fairfield Inn the more that they became my family away from home.


This hotel became my home for over four years!!!!  I would see people come and people go, guests would leave and return months or years later and there I would be, still at the hotel.  I got to see staff members come and go, but the mainstay staff was always there for me.  Any need would be address and they treated me like family. 


I lived at the hotel during a major renovation and needless to say, I was the first to get a brand new room with the great new mattresses.  When the flat screen HD tv's arrived, I was the first to be hooked up. 


These people at American Canyon Fairfield Inn are the best.  This stay just confirmed my long term belief that Marriott is the best.  Fairfield Inn is always on my list for hotels.  If travel is required, I will stay at no other hotel.  I am a fan for Life.