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Transferring Points from Ultimate Rewards to Marriott?? HELP!

Question asked by sophiesmom77 on Oct 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by vaboywnder


I am new to the whole rewards game and need some help. We don't travel often but I've earned lots of points recently through credit card reward systems and I want to have an awesome free trip soon.  So, I have a stockpile of Southwest rewards (rapid rewards) over 100,000 and won't be using them all for travel because I have the companion pass to travel for free. I have 100,000 marriott points but need 125,000 for a week stay in Florida. I need those 25K points but don't want to pay for them. I've heard you can transfer ultimate rewards to marriott. So, here's my question. Can I transfer Southwest rapid rewards to ultimate rewards then to marriott? I know the points ratio sucks (so i've heard) when transferring. But can this be done the way I have noted? I just need 25K marriott points and want the best way to get them! HELP!!  I also have US air and a boatload of American Air points (200,000) but I am assuming they cannot be transfered to Marriott....

Thanks for any input!