Traveling while ill

Discussion created by jkernitzki on Oct 7, 2012
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I'm not sure how many of you can cancel plans because of illness, but my particular role doesn't really allow for that except in actual emergencies.  Headed PHX-DEN-ATL (and then a 90-minute drive to Athens) tomorrow with a nagging cough, aches & pains, 102F temp, and just enough fogginess to make it more than the usual challenge. But as long as I have my voice and I don't pop an eardrum on one of the flights, I'll get through. Actually, there's only been a single trip in thirteen years that I couldn't make because of health (but a lot that likely should've been cancelled).


So how do you guys manage it? Do you curl up in bed until it's past, or are you of the grin & bear it sort?  Any favorite remedies, treatments, or other palliative methods you have in the kit to make it all tolerable?