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To JerryC and all who enjoy good food:


Today's FT carried an article entitled "The Expert Selection". Written by Andy Hayler, who claims to be the first person to visit and review every one of the world's 109 Michelin three-star restaurants, it lists his five favourites.


They are:


1. Le Calandre, Rubano, Italy


"In the otherwise unremarkable town of Rubano, about five miles west of Padua, Le Calandre is best experienced as a way of capping of a visit to Venice or Verona.At the age of 28,  Massimiliano Alajmo was awarded three Michelin stars, becoming the youngest chef to attain this distinction. ...The saffron risotto was the best I have eaten, with every grain of carnaroli rice boasting perfect texture......................................


2. Alinea, Chicago, USA


" an unassuming building in a quiet suburb of Chicago...I was stunned by the virtuoso cooking. What impressed me was that, for all the play and technical wizardry, the flavours of the 'ingredients shone through so clearly.........the final flourish was a dessert 'painted' on to a sheet placed on the table, using a palette of chocolate sauces, mousses frozen in nitrous oxide, pickled berries, honeycomb and milk custard caramelized with a blowtorch at the table.....a triumph of culinary theatre."


3.  Mizai, Kyoto, Japan


"There are 36 Michelin three-star restaurants in Japan, and the best of all is the tiny Mizai, which has just six seats at a wooden counter in the middle of Maruyama Park in the middle of Kyoto. ...............showcasing perfect seasonal ingredients summed up by an amazing broth of matsutake mushrooms (the most prized in the world), which had a dazzling depth of flavour. Similarly, the black wagyu beef with its stunning marbling was simply grilled with a pepper sauce and green chilly salad.."


4. Pavillion Ledoyen, Paris, France


"Housed in a late 18th century building in landscaped gardens between the Champs-Elysee and the Seine........Chistian Le Squer's cooking shows a mastery of classical technique with interesting modern touches....... a remarkable pasta dish presented as a rectangular wall topped with truffles.."


5.  Schloss Berg, Perl-Nennig, Germany


"...less than a mile from the (Luxembourg) border. Christian Bau('s) grounded in classical French technique, but draws heavily on Japanese cooking for inspiration... highlights from the tasting menu include Parmesan foam with duck liver - remarkably light but with a deep Parmesan flavour."


So there you go. Something to savour over the week-end!