The Tip Off: Travel Advice to Take on the Road

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The days of “don’t drink the water” might not be over, but there are certainly other tips for better travel, and who best to advise than those who do it most often? Whether you’re traveling with tots in tow or rolling solo, a little planning can go a long way.

You’ve got your destination picked, but now what? Alegnahas3 recommends researching online to plan activities and pick out restaurants so you know where you’ll be going and how much you’ll be spending. Guidebooks are essential to any trip for newhiltonmembr who photocopies only the pages she needs rather than carrying the entire book. “I throw them away at the end of the day. My load gets lighter as the trip progresses.”

Traveling with a light load does just as much good for your wallet as it does your back, since nearly every airline now charges for your second checked bag (if not the first). Before you start throwing things in, rickpeggys suggests making a list. “I never forget items this way.” If, like garlandofroses, you’re partial to particular shampoos and conditioners, “squeeze a bit into plastic bags” rather than taking along bulky bottles. Both biztrav and jerrycoin pack clothes that are going on a one-way trip, which can include “socks and undies with holes in them” or “things [you] no longer like or need.” At the end of the trip biztrav tosses unusable items in the trash while jerrycoin leaves wearable items behind for maids. “[This] means less laundry when you get home and more room in your suitcase for souvenirs,” biztrav says. Whether you’re headed to the outdoor markets of Morocco or the coffee plantations of Costa Rica, you’re likely to bring back more than you came with, which is why kimberlye packs a smaller bag in her large suitcase.

Families with kids have their own needs when it comes to travel. Lisagee suggests a DVD player, handheld games and plenty of snacks. Joannaonthelak brings along children’s travel books related to the destination to keep her kids “occupied, entertained and [prepared] for where [we] are going and what their experiences are going to be.” Amlapresta never forgets to ask for pilot’s wings from the flight attendant since “they make a great addition to the baby album or family scrapbook.” Once you’re in your destination, getting the troops together each morning can take coordination. Mannabsn packs whole outfits for the kids (everything from socks to shorts) in large Ziploc bags so they can dress themselves easily. “The bags are also nice to have on the trip home to carry wet/soiled items.”

For tips on traveling abroad, especially as a woman, check out in-depth posts from profchiara and GemPrincess, who offer advice on everything from blending in with the locals to the safest way to carry a purse. Jerrycoin shares tips on transportation, currency conversions and more in his detailed post.

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