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Discussion created by sacerdos15 on Oct 3, 2012
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I have detailed my lament on another discusion more than a month ago.It had to do with the San Juan Marriott Solaris resort charging me $20 for shipping my luggage via Fed Ex (using Luggage Forward) even though the luggage arrived a few hours before I did.I asked cusomer srevice why the charge especially since they would not charge me if I had carried my bag in.I use the service because a stroke had left me unable to handle a large suitcase in the airport.I stay at only Marriotts and I have been to Delray Beach,Hollywood,Fla.,Grande Cayman,Aruba,and other places and have never been charged this fee.When I booked my room (ocean front corner room) on the marriott elite phone line the fee was not mentioned nor was it on the website.The CS responded promptly and assured me they would look into it.I then received a courteous reply from the hotel which did not answer my question.Instead it raised more.The hotel said the $20 charge plus tax was according to accepted practice.According to the company Luggage Forward this has never happened with any hotel includling Marriott except with large hotels in Las Vegas.The hotel desk said the edict came from "Corporate".This was the first (and last)time I stayed at the Solaris .I have been to Puerto Rico twice before but stayed at the Ritz. The hotel then added a strange phrase.It said that they also charge $10 for envelopes.In my response to CS after I received my reply  from the hotel,I asked"What is this envelope fee? In my letter to CS I made mention of the travel column in the travel section of the Washingon Post,the Navigator,by the author of which also writes for the National Geograpic Travellor Magazine which chastized the San Juan Marriott for its 16%vresort fee.Since the Solarise was the only resort mentioned by the writer I take it he was highly annoyed.The hotel was bothered by the column and dedicated most of their response to me defending the resort fee.I also detest resort fees BUT I knew they had one because it WAS ON THEIR WEBSITE.BUT THE LUGGAGE FEE WAS NOT.I wrote to CS that the hotel ignored my question and instead answerd one I ddid not ask. As of today I have received no reply from CS