Kathy @ Marriott Marquis

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I wish to nominate Kathy who works at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco. She was stationed near the bell station. Unfortunately I did not get her last name. She siad she had been with Marriott for many many years. She is a delightful,friendly, older African-American woman. Normally I would not mention ethnicity nor age, but since I do not have her last name I am hoping you will know who I mean.


I checked in on Friday September 21st for a 3-night stay.  I got to the hotel early and the room was not ready (I was VERY early) I went over to the bellman's station to leave my luggage. Kathy was there to help me with my luggage. Normally as reserved person, I surprised myself by striking up a conversation with Kathy. I mentioned that I really excited to be in San Fran because I was celebrating my birthday. Kathy told me how wonderful it was that I chose to stay at a Marriott and she hoped I had a wonderful time. She spoke so highly of Marriott and was just a delight to speak to. I checked the luggage and went out to roam the city for a few hours.  When I got back in Kathy was still on duty. I checked into my room (which was simply wonderful) and went towards the bellmen's station. Kathy asked me how I enjoyed my walk and went to let someone know I was there for my luggage. When she returned she gave me a card and a box of decadent truffles! Yes I know the company supplies these things, but I was so taken aback that she did this for me. I truly was stunned. I gave her a hug, something else I normally do not do. I am still stunned. I was going to send an e-mail to corporate but amazingly I cannot find anyone's e-mail address on the Marriott site. I would have preferred that to leaving this information here, but either way Kathy made me feel so special and like a member of the family.  I truly hope the general manager of this fine hotel recognizes that it is people like Kathy that make Marriott great.


Thank you again for reading this nomination. And thank you Kathy for your special touch and outstanding service.