Niagara Falls, in "The Fall"!

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Many thanks to MI for recommending such a special place to stay.  I think if was Razorback who first interested me in coming back to NF and staying, for the first time on the Canadian side of the falls.  This place is very special.  Thank-you MI, for the recommendations at NF.



A view from my room.  I enjoy the fireplace in 2324, had a wonderful room service dinner, cajun trout (first time) and the CL is just down the hall.


Another great shot from the room!


Note that beautiful rainbow above Niagara Falls!


That's Niagara Falls at night, and Horseshoe to the left, this is the last night of a lit Falls.  Am going to enjoy this till Midnight tonight.


Hope to have more "Fall pictures from the area this week"!