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Tips on getting a forgotten cancellation off your bill?

Question asked by evilhomer on Sep 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by taxman415

Just curious if anyone else has run into this. I'm a platinum who travels about 100 nights a year for work. As occasionally happens, you book a room for a trip you do not make. I'm usually good about cancelling them, but in this particular case (Courtyard Upper East Side, New York), I forgot. Imagine my glee when I saw a $301 charge on my credit card. When I've encountered this situation in the past, one appropriately contrite call to the hotel results in the charge being removed.


Not this time. The assistant manager was inflexible, which on one hand I understood, since I likely cost them a reservation at an otherwise full hotel. Then again, I've stayed at this property probably 20 times over the years, and I am platinum, and I did ask very nicely.


I've already had issues at this hotel (I checked out one day early at 2:45 p.m. last month to move to the JFK Fairfield Inn -- a Marriott property! -- and was charged for the full night at the Courtyard, which I thought was a ridiculous way to treat a loyal customer, and which I fought vehemently until the charge was removed, but not before about five different phone calls, and more than a little aggravation .... OK, end of parenthetical run-on sentence), so I'm not sure how far to push this or if I even have a case.


What do you all think? I've never had another hotel refuse to remove the charge before.