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Upcoming Trip to South Korea...Advice Appreciated!

Question asked by mgoes2 on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2013 by jasper100

Since I always get such great advice from fellow Insiders, I'm once again planning a trip that will combine business with a bit of time for sightseeing and experiencing the country.  I will have 3 days in Seoul and 3 days in Busan.


First of all, should I suck it up and pay the extra $$$ for the JW?  It sounds perfect for me, female traveling on my own.  But the prices are much better at the Ritz, Courtyard and Ren.  Advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm not a great walker, but I do like taking subways and buses as opposed to taxis.  So access to these are important to me.


I'm a fairly adventurous traveler and not fond of tours, but I do want to explore interesting places.  Suggestions appreciated!