Tips for a better Marriott experience

Discussion created by nuhusker on Sep 28, 2012
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Recently in a post I mentioned that I used the "my dates are flexible" feature to help me make sure I was getting the best rate for the duration of my stay.  This isn't a new feature, but a fairly recent one, nonetheless.  With all the changes to Insiders over the years, this is definitely one for the better.  I remember a formerly active Insider, tjcnewyork, used to share his secrets for success in obtaining the exact lodging he wanted whether it was a corner room, suite, or even a particular room number.  tjc actively engaged the hotel front desk manager and even the GM to announce his upcoming stay, and essentially developed a relationship which carried over upon his arrival.  I've done this only a couple of times, but in both cases it paid off to my favor.


Insiders:  Are there other tips that you have which enhance your Marriott experience and might otherwise do the same for other Insiders?  I'd like to hear about them, and suspect others would too.  Thanks for the info!