What Constitutes Marriott VISA Credit Card Spend on Monthly Statement?

Discussion created by iamzeke610 on Sep 27, 2012
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I'm trying to get clarification of what expenditures are used by Marriott to determine the number of "bonus nights" from the Marriott VISA credit card.  On my monthly Activity Statement on-line from Marriott, it lists 3 types of "Spend" categories:  "Non-Marriott Spend";  "Air/Car/Dine Spend"; and "Marriott Spend".  Assuming I use my Marriott VISA credit card for all of these expenditures during the month, would I add all of these together and then divide by 3000 to calculate my "bonus nights" for the month?   I can't get a definitive answer from Salt Lake City.  Hopefully either some Platinum dude or dudess or the Community Manager can clarify exactly what is used to calculate "bonus nights".  Thank you.