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Question on Bonus Night Calculation from Using Marriott VISA Credit Card?

Question asked by iamzeke610 on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by ksolsberg

I have a question regarding the calculation of "bonus nights" when using the Marriott VISA credit card.  The rules state for each $3000 charged on the card, the member receives 1 bonus night.  Let's assume I charge/spend $7000 on my Marriott VISA credit card during the month and pay off my bill in full.  I would receive 2 bonus nights...BUT what happens to the excess $1000 that was charged to the card?   Does it "roll-over" into the next month or do I lose credit for those expenditures?    I called Marriott in Salt Lake City and the representative could not answer my question.  Does anyone else know if the excess spend beyond what's needed for "x" number of nights is rolled over from month-to-month?   I'm getting close to Platinum by charging about everything on the credit card each month.  Hopefully the Community Manager will read this and respond as I'm sure other Golds trying to seek Platinum may be in the same predicament.  Thanks in advance for your help.