Marriott.com reservations providing misleading rates?

Discussion created by evilhomer on Sep 26, 2012
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Maybe this is just me, but anecdotally this year I feel like the rates listed on an initial search at Marriott.com aren't even remotely matching up to what you actually see when you click through, which is extremely frustrating. I'm a platinum who travels extensively around the U.S. for work, and here's a typical example of what I've been finding recently, particularly in New York.


I'm trying to book a room in Manhattan from Oct. 11-15. Up pops the Times Square Fairfield Inn for $199/night. Sweet. Except then you click through, and the lowest rate listed is a $359 advance pay that changes to $404/night on Oct. 12.


Two problems with this, which I've encountered frequently in NYC:


1. Where's the $199?

2. Why does Marriott list the lowest rate for a room without making it clear that said rate is going to jump sometimes as much as 50 percent on night 2? Why can't the rate listed be an average, or why can't an average or range be listed in the search results to keep me from having to click on each one, just to go, "Oh, so it's $249 for one night and then $449 for four."


These things frustrate me.