Singapore Marriott Filled with Hookers

Discussion created by nerad on Sep 24, 2012
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OK, first post here and hopefully someone from Marriott Corporate reads this.  I'm a plat and just finished a stay in the Marriott in Singapore.  This is my third time at the hotel but in the past it's been a one or two night stay.  This time I had my wife with me for a week vacation in Singapore.  This isn't my first rodeo and travel mostly in Asia as a US expat.    The Orchard Towers location down the street from the Singapore Marriott is well known with it's ladies of the night.


However, and I find it appalling, was how they seemed to be like coach roaches at the Marriott.    They were at the pool, in the club lounge, in the bar, in the lobby, EVERYWHERE.  That Marriott just lets it go on and to not clean it up as a business/corporate hotel is amazing, that or top level management needs to snoop around and see for themselves.  It's one thing for guys to seek it out but I don't want to see it front a center, almost like a feature of the hotel.  Marriott better fix this quick before it gives the hotel a permanent reputation.


My wife and I returned after a trip to the Night Safari and we made the mistake of going into the "Living Room" bar just off the lobby at around 11:30 at night.  3-4 sets of women waitng for customers.  Of course one guy already was at a table with a girl 40 years younger them him.


As for the hotel itself, it was usual Marriott quality room (certainly no JW level but as expected).    The club lounge was terrible with large crowds and you can't sit down if you get there much after they start serving.    Very uncomfortable feeling with people standing over you waiting to sit.  Of the week we were there, only used the lounge one night as it was just not worth the hassle.    If that many people all have gold or better status, good for Marriott but at least make it usuable.  I am spoiled at my "base" hotel that's for sure.  In the US I expect lousy club lounges an service (sad, isn't it) but in Asia there is no excuse for a lounge to be set-up like that.


Lastly, compared to other hotels the cab line at the Marriott is terrible.  At other hotels the cabs stage right up and you're gone during peak time.  At the Marriott they come one or two at a time because the way to corner of the street is set up.  Definitely have a cab pre arranged or plan to wait for up to 30 minutes during peak times.    Other hotels I've stayed in Singapore are not like that with cab waiting lines.


The breakfast buffet was typical Marriott standards.  As for hotel eating, the Pool Grill restaurant had good food (albeit expensive) that we ate there a couple times.    Probably the only place to relax besides your room in the hotel.


I certainly will never stay at that property again.  Seeing the prostitutes at the hotel really everywhere, day and night, put a stain on my image of the hotel that I just can't get past.  Can't believe I used points for that place.  Very disappointing.