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Dynamic Currency Conversion - What Do You Do?

Question asked by newhiltonmembr on Sep 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by 702rugbyref

Currently in Spain and 2 out of 3 nights, I've had restaurants pull the DCC scam on me.  The remaining night I paid cash.




First night:  Told waiter I wanted to pay in Euros, not USD. He gave me the receipt to sign and it was the DCC receipt with the charges in USD.    I refused to used to sign it, said I wanted Euros, he lost all sense of the English language, and couldn't/wouldn't help me.  I asked for the manager. He reversed the charge.  But, did the same DCC charge two more times.  He said he didn't know how to charge me in Euros.  I made him reverse all charges and paid in cash.




Second night:  Paid cash, didn't try charging.




Third night:  Told waiter I wanted to pay in Euros not USD even before he started the transaction.  What happens?  The DCC scam.  He refused to reverse the charge and  reprocess in Euros, refused to let me speak to the manager, and refused to let me pay in cash!  This is illegal!!!   He, too, lost all command of the English language at this point and would only yell at me in Spanish.  I crossed out the USD amount, circled the Euros amount, crossed out the message that I was offered my choice of currencies, added a hand-written note that I had been refused to pay in local currency and initialed that note.  I did not sign the signature line.  I will dispute this with my cc company, the restaurant will not have a valid receipt with my signature, just my markings and comments.  Hopefully, they will be charged a large fine but in any case, I will be paying in Euros.




I think that I will be paying cash in restaurants the remainder of this trip.  Terrible about the number of points that I will lose.  But, I don't have the time or inclination to dispute and followup on all of these charges for the rest of my 18 day trip.




So, how do you handle this DCC ripoff?