Why does Marriott continue to accept subpar service from Chase

Discussion created by tom666 on Sep 19, 2012
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ervicechase sucWhen you think of Marriott you think of a business friendly brand that will bend over backwards to make your experience with them the best it can be.


So there in lies the conflict why would a great brand like Marriott associated with Chase is beyond me. Today is the day I finally end my relationship with Chase. Today was yet another in along line of indifference and disregards towards the customer.


I’m not going to go into all the details, i'm to tried and have to drive a long way but call one to Chase customer service pushed me to stranded travel and no one could help. ended with being sent to a voice mail.


The second one started with great promise and ended with a promise to monitor. When my son tried to use this card he still could not use it. So tonight will end after a 300 plus mile round trip to get him then get home in time to go to work.


I’m one person who has been a member for a very long time. I’m done with Chase I hope Marriott will review its relationship with Chase. I liked the reward program, but Hilton has one as well and I’m ok starting to stay at Hiltons perhaps they will give me points as well.


I’m not going to be treated like this anymore I travel over 70 days a year, my son is a pro athlete and travels both internationally and within the US well over 100 days a year. The travel for both of us will not change where I stay for reward points will and which credit card I use will.


life is just to short to put up with indifferent, disengenious and not keeping your commitments. Chase usings Marriott logo on its card so by extention this is a Marriott product.


best regrards