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I'll bet that caption got your attention!!


But, with all the negative vibe in recent posts regarding status recognition and poster clutter (really??).....thought I'd create a post and relate some info regarding my most recent stays at 7 different properties....and all within the last 20 days.


I have been acknowledged for my status in every single property I have stayed at. I have been thanked for my loyalty at every single property I have stayed at. I have been given a superb room in every single property I have stayed at. Views and location regarding privacy and elimination of the potential for 'noise' in every one have been fantastic. I will admit I have had one bad experience that I have posted about (Union Square Marriott) but the room I was given I cannot express misgivings about...it was great. The Marriott Anaheim, The LAX Renaissance, The Union Square Marriott (only problem stay), The Seattle Waterfront Hotel, The CLT Fairfield Inn at the airport, the Ontario Fairfield Inn, the Desert Springs Villas II (where they called me and thanked me in advance for being loyal to Marriott and asked for my preference on a stay and gave me EXACTLY the villa I requested). ALL have gone above and beyond to recognize me and try to make me happy with the best room they could find for me. I am not the type that cares about the suite when I travel alone, but the only request I made because my wife was traveling with me (DSV II) has been recognized exactly as asked.


Sometimes our travel experiences don't go as we plan. Other times we don't get the service we expect (and feel we deserve) at Marriott properties. It has been a point of discussion many times in recent history. I have also posted many times about shortcomings regarding training and staff preparedness regarding their best customers. But, I must say, my most recent experiences have told me that there is an effort being made to better the service we are being given on property. For that, I am pleased.......and I thank Marriott for the effort they have made to do so.


And that Union Square Marriott problem....they credited me a nights stay and refunded it to me. I'm pleased with that also.....they are making an effort to right the wrong when it happens.