Courtyards used to be so good...

Discussion created by dcr022002 on Sep 17, 2012
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I have been a Marriott Rewards Member since around 1995.  I am Premier Platinum, and getting ready to switch to Hilton brands at the end of the year.  For business travel, Courtyards used to be the answer.  However, most of them have not been remodeled since around 2003.  It seems they are falling apart.  I checked in today to the Courtyard Fort Worth Fossill Creek today.  Stains on the hallway carpets.  No WIFI!  Unbelieveable.  "Box" TV's the size of a refrigerator.  Worn out bed.  Sadly though, I can name a million Courtyards in this shape.  When I try to complain usually they say 'sorry' or we won't have WIFI until we remodel.  I have posted on here before as well.  I cannot believe the condition of these Courtyards.  Does anyone from Marriott actually go out and look for at their properties?  I cannot do it anymore...I am a loyal customer but my colleagues all rave about Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden.  I cannot think of the last time I raved about a Courtyard.