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Will gaining the next elite level hurt me because of rollover nights?

Question asked by mickb116 on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by eb5147

I am silver elite with 46 nights right now.  Only 4 were rollovers from last year.  Am I looking at this wrong or will moving from silver to gold hurt me for next year? As of right now, I will roll over 32 (46-4-10) nights to next year.  If I stay 8 more nights, thats 54 so I get gold status (Yay!), but then I roll over 0 (54-4-50) nights to next year.  Status carries into the following year so I would start with gold, but 0 nights towards reachieving gold for the following year with (less 15 from CC) 35 left to go and all 60 if I want platinum.  If I don't stay any by the end of the year, I carry 32 nights, plus 15 for the CC is 47 so I only need 3 to get gold and 28 to make platinum.  So, if I'm understanding the rollover program correctly, its in my best interest to avoid all Marriott properties until after the first of the year.  Anyone see a flaw in my logic?  Please, because I do like the Marriotts in the area I typically travel for work.