We can now do our own branching to new topics!

Discussion created by pluto77 on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by gemprincess

As a Steward, I hope I am not the last one to realize this !  I just noticed while replying to a comment, the 'branch' link.  Whenever a comment or reply might stray "off topic," we now have the option to 'branch' our reply to a new topic, if it definitely is taking a new turn of direction.  This is great news!  I have often read valuable comments under a discussion entry that have strayed and thus are really not pertinent to the discussion, yet the 'strayed' comments contain good information, and I've thought to myself, I'll never be able to find this again (there is also bookmark, but the topic title of the bookmark would be deceiving in this case...).  Anyway, I think this is a great improvement to the site, and I encourage all of us to use this handy feature whenever we see a topic straying, so that the unrelated information can be organized under it's own topic/category and thus easily tracked.