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Aruba Marriot Stellaris

Question asked by meta on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2012 by meta

HI, We are staing at the Marriot Aruba Stellaris in the middle of Dec.  Booked an oceanfront junior suite and was told it could be 2nd floor or up (assuming we won't be placed on tradewind floor).  If they do put us in the north tower, is that the one facing Ritz construction.  If the Marriot is pretty booked up and our room choices are limited, are we better off taking a lower floor on the non construction side or a higher (non tradewind) rom on the construction side.  It's just my husband and I, we are in our 50's and really would like a quiet room.  It's a special occasion, so we splurged for the junior oceanfront suite. We have a Marriot Visa card and hopefully being members will help to get a good view within the category we booked.  We love to sit out in the morning and evening on the balcony and relax.


Also on the date of arrival, we probably won't check in till 6:30 or 7pm.  How will that affect us getting a palapa for the next day?