Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Seattle

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Just one word can sum up this property. Magnificent! I was greeted warmly by an associate and he took the time to look for a room he thought I would like. I did! Overlooking the harbor and right out in the front of the property. The staff here was very pleasant and accomodating. The hotel didn't seem overly busy, but there was plenty of staff on hand. They have a restaurant 'The Hook and Plow' that seemed to be new but wasn't busy. People I spoke with who did eat there said the food was very good! I hope business picks up for them! The Concierge Lounge was staffed with associates who really tried to make you feel welcome. They wanted to refill your juice, coffe, can I get you something. they were very nice. The food was good also. The CL was pointed off to the side of the property and didn't face the harbor directly. It faced towards the sports stadiums downtown wioth the harbor off to the right as you looked out the windows. Not the best setup but it was fine. It was also a small room. Thank goodness it wasn't busy!


It was my first trip to the city and I really enjoyed visiting the 'Public Market'. I've never seen a bigger site dedicated to 'trash and trinkets' in my travels! The waterfront was beautiful and the light rail syatem made it easy to get around the city if you didn't want to walk. It was even easy getting to and from the airport on the light rail....and only $2.75 each way!


I also did a 'Duck Tour' and that was fun, but the best highlight and restaurant I went to was having dinner on the 76th floor of Columbia Tower. You could see the top of Mt Rainier in the distance with a cloud cover below the peak. You couldn't see the peak from the ground (with the cloud cover) but I was above the cloud cover on the 76th floor and the view was something like I've never seen before! Magestic! ere's a couple of photos from my room....