Union Square Marriott, San Francisco

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Usually I stay at the Marquis when visiting San Francisco but wanted to try another property. What a mistake. First, my greeting was OK as the associate welcomed me and told me that she wanted to get me a copy of the 'expanded hours' for the CL over the Labor Day weekend! Bonus....thought I. Not! The sheet I was given was for the regular CL hours....closed Sat and Sun open Sun night for snacks. I informed the associate that the hours looked to be the same as always. She looked and replied, 'Oh, yeah, you're right'. OK...how about breakfast coupons? She made a call and repeated to the person she called....'we don't do that for anyone anymore?' OK. Did you hear that? Yes, I did.....To be fair, the associate did make the effort and did give me a very nice room on the 27th floor looking out over the bay. Pictures are below.


Then, I return Saturday night to find a notice shoved under my door to the wording of...'Dear Elite guest, We value your membership but we have changed hours for the Concierge Lounge this weekend. We are closed Sunday night and Monday night and will be open only for breakfast Monday morn. If you have a question about this call the manager on duty.....No 'sorry for the inconvenience'.......just we're closed. I found that every time you walked by an associate at this property they tried their best not to see you. Only the bellman and security were connected to the customers. They opened the door for you each time you went in and out. I left Sunday morning and there were two 'managers' (I think) standing outside the front door. A male and female. They were disengaged from everyone coming and going. I walked out and the female said to the male...'you're supposed to be greeting everyone'.....I couldn't quite make out his response but it got a chuckle from her. Very classy.


I checked out Monday morning and went to the front desk to apply a gift card to my folio balance. The associate looked at me and dealt with me as though I was a big interruption to her day.....and there was not one other person at the front desk area! It's not like she was busy....... Nobody, other than the front door folks seemed to care at this property. They were all disconnected from the customer and in some cases just wierd. I still don't get why it was a problem to apply a gift card and balance bill the remainder to the credit card on file....but maybe it's just me. I'll just chock this up to a bad choice by me for a hotel. I won't make that mistake again. This property is off my stay list.


I did have a nice room though!