Discussion created by tef6178 on Sep 7, 2012

Well, we've certainly had a nice summer! Starting with a trip to Miami, we then moved on to Newport for a wedding and then to Nantucket and I followed on to the west coast! More on the west coast later.


Nantucket, what a beautiful island! If you haven't been here, you're missing a real treat! Unfortunatley, there are no Marriott properties there (probably because of the seasonality of the island). But, the places to stay always offer breakfast and snacks around 'tea time'. The island itself is small and we were fortunate enough to stay at a location called the Jared Coffin House. It's an old historical property that is now cennected with a larger grouping of properties with about five or six places on the island. They have this 'lunch' deal they do where we can ride a boat shuttle in the harbor from dowtown to the islands edge where the Wauwimetresort is located. The shuttle took us through the harbor winding along the coast by some of the magnificent mansions owned by CEO's of big corporations (Penske, Jack and Suzie Welch, the CEO of Campbells. etc.) What properties! One was being offered for sale at the bargain price of $58 million!


Anyway, back to reality....the whaling museum, nice beaches, there is a bus shuttle service that can take you anywhere on the island and for the bikers trail riding can take you all over the island on your bike. Bikers were everywhere! Don't leave home without your wallet though.....the average price of a room in the summer season in a nice property (Jared Coffin, White Elephant, Union Square Inn, etc) can run from $450 to $1000.....for one night. There are some magnificent Restaurants to eat at also.....but they're pricey! Well worth the trip though in our estimation. We had a great time!


Here's some Nantucket photos...hope you enjoy.....