Best Places to Visit When School Starts?

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Sep 7, 2012
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What are great places to visit the week or two after kids go back to school? The first few weeks of September are still officially summer, but many places start dropping off after Labor Day. Are there vacation locales that you enjoy the week after the crowds die down?


I'll offer up a 3 hour drive from home for the pained one's family. We enjoy Ocean City, Maryland. There are many businesses that close their doors after labor day weekend, but the best ones stay open. The beautiful beaches and boardwalk are second to none in the Mid-Atlantic. The town itself has made a point of featuring it's convention center to draw beach lovers out year round. These next few weeks will be great. The only Marriott property, the Courtyard, has been much more reasonable with off season rates.


What are your favorites both near and far?