Certificate/Rewards Issues

Discussion created by profchiara on Sep 6, 2012
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All was well after talking with Karen this morning. Now I at least for a while (mostly till I finished writing and read the emails over and over) I was utterly confused again.  I may be a professor, but I'm not an Ivory tower type. Seven minutes ago I got an Athens Ledra confirmation of my Certificate 1-5 usage PLUS 20,000 pts.(wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels).  6 minutes ago, I got a cancellation of the Athens reward stay.  I checked and they are different confirmation numbers from what Karen gave me this morning (and different from two days ago).


I have to say, something is wrong with this picture. I'm assuming some process had to be gone through to make sure what I think now was obviously the first phone agent's mistake in not listening to me but talking about the 20,000 pointsaver reward.  Even though I reiterated many times I did not want that but to use a free certificate apparently she did not listen.  The second agent listened and said it was taken care of.  And my best guess is that on her system it was after I talked with her -- because Andy saw the same thing she did.  But even this morning I was showing I had an unused certificate and 20,000 pts for the Ledra reservation, and that's when I decided my students might have to wait two or three minutes and called and got the wonderful Karen (Andy, if you can figure out who she is can you add my thanks?). 


I am hoping and assuming that this latest new confirmation and cancellation is all part of what transpired Saturday night with the first Platinum phone agent and that possibly Karen or maybe an automated system decided they wanted to give me all the documentation.  However, all it did was confuse me more.  And I hope I have finally figured this all out.


Here's my suggestion -- if this happens in the future, first Agent 1 of 3 should be trained better; Agent 2 saw what she saw and had no reason to believe it wasn't the same for me even though I said it was different; Agent 3 (Karen) did something about it so that it showed on my computer and gave me the printed result to present at the hotel.  But as for all the Agent 1 confirmations and cancellations (what I assume I got a few minutes ago), I didn't need to see that.  It was confusing, took more time to figure out what was going on, and I think should have been for internal Marriott purposes only to make sure that I got charged for my certificate but not for points.


I don't know if others have had any such problem, but to me the Marriott Chase Premier Rewards have always been a problem to use since I don't travel in the US.  The Athens Ledra and airport hotels are mostly the only places in Europe that you can use a Cat 5, so most of mine have expired without use.  And in the past when I tried to use them (which would have been over a year ago since last year's expired and probably the year's before as well), I was told I had to call and there was no online way of doing it. In retrospect, when I tried to cancel this morning (fortunately the Amsterdam reservation), it gave me no options of using a certificate even though it told me how.  I think now it probably was because after Andy's work yesterday the certificate had been entered into the system and so it probably showed I had none (even though both browsers on my computer said I did, which is why I called). If you're confused by my explanation, imagine how it felt to me.


I hope this doesn't happen to others, because in total, computer and phone time, it took over an hour all told to resolve -- and then to get hit with the confirmation/cancellation again a few minutes ago and not knowing immediately what it was all about. If it was excess due diligence on Karen's part, then I accept it cheerfully.  If it was something else it was a serious glitch.


Can this be simplified?  Why can't certs earned other ways be as easily available to check on (under special rates etc) as regular points rewards?

Thanks, ProfC