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Long Island Marriott Experience

Question asked by ctbill on Sep 5, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by iestrikesback

Let me start by saying ALL of the staff were excellent and the food we had both in Champions and Concierge was excellent.  We thought the problem we encountered would have been easy to fix but it was not.

We stayed for two nights last week.  The first morning we had an excellent breakfast in the concierge lounge.  When we went back for the second morning at 9:10 we were very disappointed to find out that the

bacon was all gone, so,, the "bacon and eggs" became just eggs.  The lounge was scheduled to stop serving breakfast at 9:30 and we were surprised that when the bacon was already gone at 9:10 AM it would be impossible to have any more served.

Such a nice large Marriott with a large restaurant could not share bacon with the lounge?