Summer Bonus Promotion Results

Discussion created by pluto77 on Sep 6, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2012 by iestrikesback

Now that August 31st has come and gone, I am just wondering if everyone has received their 2012 Summer Bonus Promotion awards.  (The 2012 Summer Bonus Promotion was from June 1 - August 31.)


I was offered the stay 15 nights and earn 25K bonus Marriott Reward points (and stay up to 25 nights and earn up to an extra 15K bonus points on top of that) Summer Bonus Promotion, and I called and asked to be switched to the earn one free night (Cat 1-4) for every second stay Summer Bonus Promotion.  Marriott graciously switched me, but informed me that while the switch would be reflected in the system, I wouldn't see it on my Rewards webpage, and that after the bonus ended, I would be credited with what I had earned.  I contacted customer support this afternoon, and as promised, they awarded me my free night cert(s), and they are good for one full year.   I am very pleased with the results and am grateful for the offer.


I hope everyone is equally satisfied with their Summer Bonus Promotion results as well.